Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Retreat - Assignment 01

The Act of WithDrawing

Now that you have begun to understand the existential landscape of the Salt Flats, in particular your chosen building site, it is time to engage that site through a design process. To do this you will undergo a series of abstract and improvisational design investigations.

Begin by choosing (2) of the engine sections below. The selection of the section(s) should be intuitive and quick. You will save the images to your computer and format the sections for an 18x18 canvas. Next, print off your sections.

Now you will engage these drawings through a series of sketch overlays. This process will help you to "pull out" important information from each of the sections while still maintaining the sectional qualities of the original drawing. You will produce 5 sketch overlays per engine section (total of 10), resulting in a series of transformational images. These series of abstractions should be done in graphite only; consider line weight and shading as devices to show depth, detail and articulation. Initial abstractions are due October 26th at the beginning of class for review.

The next stage will be to re-create your selected sketches in the computer using CAD or another vector based program. You will use the color swatches below to construct your digitized images. Use black for outlining section cuts, yellow for section fill, and gray for items beyond. As with the graphite drawings line weight is crucial. Additional information will be given at a later date.

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